I have a story that I want to sell. What’s next?
Great, the hard part of the work is done. Now all you need to do is create a profile with your name, email, and school, and then submit the story with a short description. We will notify you when the story and the description are listed.

I have photos or video that go along with the story. How do I use them?
For photos you can attach them to the PDF document that includes your story. Additionally, you would attach one main photo that goes with the story for the website. Make sure you have the copyright to the photo. If you don’t have an original image, feel free to attach a Creative Commons picture that matches your story. You can also mark in your story that you do have more photos, so if an editor is interested in the story they will know that. For video, when you upload the story, there is an option to check a box that states you had a video component that goes with the story.

I have a story but I am afraid someone might steal it.
Given that you are sending us a finished article, we believe that it is very unlikely any of the media outlets using the platform will pay a reporter to cover the exact same thing (and spend precious time and money) knowing that your story could be published at any moment. That being said we want you to feel completely protected and you should let us know if you believe that a story that has been published by an outlet has some striking similarities. We will not hesitate to ban from the platform anyone that we have reasons to believe is misusing it. Please be aware, however, that the fear is not very helpful when it comes to moving the stories from a drawer to the pages of a newspaper or magazine. You would have to actually show the work to some editor before they agree to acquire/publish it.

Can I pitch elsewhere even if I want to submit my story to StorySquare?
Yes. We only ask that you immediately let us know when you sell your story, so we don’t mislead other editors.

Can other registered journalists see my story or story description?
No, only registered media editors can read them.

Will the editors read the story on the platform?
The editors are able to read only a short description of your story, along with one colorful quote from the story. They can also see the word count, and the author’s name (which is clickable and takes them to your profile). If they like the description they can request to see the full story, which would then land in their email inbox as a PDF file along with your contact information.

I have submitted my story. Now what?
Our team is reviewing it and making sure that it looks like something our media partners might be interested in. You will hear from us very soon as to whether your article has been approved. Our selectors might have some small copy editing suggestions but they won’t change anything in the story.

Who will write the description that editors can read?
You have the opportunity to write one yourself when submitting the story. Our experienced selectors may rewrite or only tweak them to maximize your stories’ chances of getting picked up.

How will editors contact me?
Make sure to include your email and phone number on the top of the first page of the story when you submit it.

How much does a story cost?
The price is negotiated between you (the author) and the outlet interested in obtaining your story.

I sold my story! Now what?
Congratulations! Whether you sold it through our media platform or independently, do let us know right away (we suggest right after calling your grandma) so we can take it down from our platform.


I like a story. How can I publish it?
When you request to see a full story, the contact info of the author will be included on the first page of every story you have requested. Feel free to get in touch with them, and let us know when you have made a deal (so we can take it off our media platform). If you have a hard time contacting the author, you should always feel free to get in touch with us.

Can I search for stories covering a specific beat or a certain location?
Editors are able to filter the stories based on three options: by location (500 cities), by beat (20 topics), or by keyword.

What do the short descriptions look like and how do I request to see a full story?
The description is a few sentences long (no more than roughly 100 words) explaining what the story is about. In addition, we include a quote by a source in the story that we feel encapsulates the tension in it. Below each story description there is a “Request Full Story” button; when you click on it you receive the PDF file of the full story.

What is the exclusivity policy?
We only accept unpublished stories. Once a story has been published we remove it from the platform as quickly as possible.

What is the selling price?
That is up to you and the author. We don’t set a minimum or maximum price attached to the stories.

I don’t know these young journalists. How can I be sure of the quality of their reporting?
The journalists we feature are students at the top graduate journalism programs in the country, and many have previously spent some time working as reporters. A large portion of the graduates will be entry level reporters as soon as they get their degree, and some will likely be the future leaders of journalism outlets. Though we’re ultimately not the judge, we believe it is unlikely that a young journalist who has invested precious time and money to get a graduate degree, and is off to make a name for themselves in the industry, would risk to see their career ended over mistakes or lack of integrity. Additionally, you are always more than welcome to ask a journalist for a contact list and speak to them personally for any aspect of the story you’d like to know more about.

How many stories can we request?
There is no limit. Feel free to request all the ones that your platform would be interested in publishing.